About the Author

Eleni Andreou

Eleni Andreou is a dedicated mother of three children, motivated English Teacher and author of the children’s book ‘Colourful Darkness.’

Having taught English to students of all ages for the past two decades, Eleni has cultivated her students’ love of reading and writing, sparking her own creativity and drive to publish children’s books. As well as her students, her inspiration derives from a profound love for her children.

Eleni’s debut children’s picture book, ‘Colourful Darkness,’ was initially written for and inspired by her daughters and son. Through her fictional stories, she hopes to nurture a sense of family, love and understanding between siblings, while at the same time developing children’s imaginations through magical adventures. Eleni likes to write in a didactic style, expanding children’s knowledge and emotional intelligence through messages of compassion, togetherness and forgiveness.

Eleni was born in Hastings, England and raised primarily in South London by Cypriot parents, refugees from occupied Famagusta, Cyprus. Growing up in a bilingual household kindled her love of languages. She received her BA in English language and French at the University of Kent at Canterbury and went on to complete a CELTA teaching course at Canterbury Christ Church University. Having studied Greek, French, German and Spanish at various levels and living in three different countries throughout her life has reinforced her passion for learning about cultures and people from around the world, giving her a unique outlook on life.

Her hobbies include singing, cooking, photography and adopting stray cats, which are in abundance in Cyprus where she lives! She also enjoys the use of technology, especially for creative and educational purposes and has been a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert for the past two years.

Through her books, Eleni hopes to inspire and empower children to be confident in their own abilities and know that the support of a loving family and friends is truly a blessing that should be cherished.


About the Illustrator


Efi Ioakim

Efpraxia Ioakim, otherwise known as Efi, has been an illustrator and primary school art teacher for the past 26 years. Her name, which her parents told her from a young age means ‘good deeds’ in Greek, has always inspired her to live up to expectations. She is always striving to do good and balance out some of the ugliness that exists in the world, by creating colourful and imaginative artistic creations and surrounding herself and others with beauty.

Efi grew up with a dream of becoming an artist. Following her studies, she became not only a fine arts teacher but also an illustrator and visual artist. This has given her the opportunity to work with children and adults, deriving a great deal of pleasure from creating and inspiring others through her artwork.

Growing up in Cyprus, a refugee from the occupied Morphou, Efi always knew she wanted to explore the world and cultivate her love of art. She went on to study in Wales receiving her B.Ed as an art major and then to Warwick University to complete her Master of Art and Design in Education.

Since 1994 she has been working in primary education as a Fine Arts teacher, consultant of visual arts programs in galleries and museums, consultant and Curriculum Officer for the course of Fine Arts in primary education. She participated in conferences in Cyprus and abroad presenting a variety of visual topics that mainly concern Art in education. She also took part in the organisation and oversight of several European and local art activities, seminars and workshops in various places in Cyprus and abroad. As a special scientist, she collaborated with the University of Cyprus for five years teaching the course of ‘Art and its Didactics.’

Throughout the years, Efi has presented numerous solo exhibitions and has taken part in many group exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad. She has illustrated and had the artistic curation of children's and literary books including ‘Colourful Darkness’ and ‘Horis Sirmatoplegma’ (‘Χωρίς Συρματόπλεγμα’). In addition, she has been a member of the writing team of art publications of the Ministry of Culture, as well as in groups for the selection of works for various competitions.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Efi is blessed to have three beautiful children who are the reason she strives each day to create a better and more beautiful world.