Welcome to my colourful world!

This site is dedicated to my first picture book, ‘Colourful Darkness’ inspired by my own children who bring colour to MY world!

mia astronaut

About the Book

Colourful Darkness is a sweet story about a little girl, Mia, who is afraid of the dark. How can she overcome that fear? A little help from mum, a little magic and a lot of imagination!

What’s the story about?
- Overcoming fear.
- Sibling and family relationships.
- Love, understanding and forgiveness.
- Children’s empowerment.
- Cultivating imagination and creativity.

Do you like didactic books? Colourful Darkness features the following educational content:
- The days of the week
- The names of the planets
- The colours of the rainbow
- The names of jungle animals
- The names of fish and sea creatures
- The names of flowers
- The names of fruit

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About Me

Hello! I’m Eleni, an English teacher and mum of three children! Reading to my children has always been special for me and this inspired me to write my own children’s book. I hope you enjoy reading it! And remember – you have the power to do anything; all you have to do is imagine, be positive, try hard and you can achieve anything! You have the power within you!