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Colourful Darkness – Paperback


Colourful Darkness is a sweet story about a little girl, Mia, who is afraid of the dark and how she overcomes that fear with the help of her mother and her own magical power, her imagination.


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Mia’s fear of the dark is causing her grief but little does she know, she’s not the only one in the family that feels the same way.

Everything changes when Mum reveals a secret and the magical adventures begin!

Will Mia be able to defeat the darkness?

Only time will tell.

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22cm x 22cm


Overcoming fears, kindness, forgiveness, friendship, sibling love.

Educational content

Days of the Week, Colours of the Rainbow, Names of the Planets, Animals, Fish, Fruit, Flowers. Vocabulary section and questions about the book at the back of the book.



1 review for Colourful Darkness – Paperback

  1. Andy Andreou

    My daughter loves this, especially all the colours.
    Recommend it!

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